Performance / Values

Our perfomance and values have successfully guided us in our personal and business practices and behaviors for more than 25 years.


Mission / Values

We Believe In:

Collaboration: Working together achieving set goals and sustainbility.

Accountability: We’re directly accountable for our actions and producing the right results.

Respect: The talents and expertise of our management teams and partners deserve and receive our respect and support.

Leadership: We lead by example and challenge our employees, customers, partners and communities to be the best.

Legacy: We respect historical practices while constantly seeking new ideas, methods and approaches.

Flexibility: Each of our investment are unique, so are the stratergies and solutions to the challenges that our companies face.

Endurance: Our ownership is stable and long-term, so that our management teams can focus on achieving superior results and creating equity value over the long-term.

Live Prosperously


Our Performances:

Advisor: First and foremost, we endeavor to be the most trusted advisory team. we are collaborative with respestful, supportive to entities as they navigate day to day issues and long term stratergy.

Strategic Thinking: We have a proven track record and demonstrated capability of assisting businesses develop and execute their long-term strategic plan. We first learn as much as is practically possible from our member companies about their business and industry. We have found that our collaborative approach helps organizations identify and assess the risks and rewards of their growth and strategic business opportunities.

Experience: Dorisaf team members have hundreds of years of parallel experiences in many businesses and industries, both public and private. We have expertise in governance, general management, manufacturing operations, sales, marketing, finance, tax, R&D, strategy development & implementation, labor relations, organizational development, information technology, process improvement and M&A. Our influences have extended around the globe in almost every market channel including OEM, mass retail, distribution and consumer/business direct.

Transformation: As companies grow, so must their sophistication. Larger organizations are by their nature more complex. We well understand this transition and can assist management with this transformation as we have experience with businesses at all stages of development.

Relationships and Contacts: We have networks of thousands of contacts, with expertise in just about every discipline, that we can call on who are eager to help Dorisafs companies succeed. We regularly connect our member companies with outside resources to assist in dealing with an issue.

Synergies: We have unified capabilities in venturing a compromising fit business relationship..

Capital Availability: Properly capitilizing businesess with the rigth amount of debts, equity, any financial instrument, allows our portfolio/partners to concentrate on running and growing the business.

Legal & Tax: We help our member businesses navigate complex legal and tax matters through our internal resources and network of third-party experts.

Knowledge Sharing: We hold an annual conference where best-selling authors share world-class thought leaders and our companies present their unique strategies, so the larger group can benefit. In addition, the functional leaders (finance, marketing, safety, etc.) in our businesses have developed working groups that share best practices.

Recruit Talent: We help businesses recruit top industry talent to employ, consult with and serve in their team.

Live Prosperously