Our Story

Dorisaf LTD is an Israeli award-winning investment firm with an enviable, decade-long Investment track record that specializes in local and global business firm and we are proud to have been consitent achieving milstone results. 

About Us

Dorisaf LTD was established on the 19th June, 1995 and has an enviable 31-year investment/partnership record. We are an award-winning team specialising in equity investment and other various financial instrument in Asian and Global and offer investment option for individula investors. Our Decades of experience navigating the markets and the ability to stay focus with the emerging changes of the world around us has served our partners invredibly well. 

Dorisaf LTD provides the capital and business support to help companes grow and achieve sustainable success. we dont simply invest capital, we pro-actively collaborate with management to help companies reach their potential.

We Invest In People:

At Dorisaf we support and empower promising management forms irrespestive of the stage, our professional approach to building business helps enterprises reach its potential, enrich lives and ensure its legacy thrives

Looking For Management Team Ready To Grow:

Dorisaf Ltd invest its own capital backed by decades of experience in a wide variety of industries and extensive financial and operations expertise. Each of our portfolio companies has ambitious goals for growth, led by management teams with deep knowledge and experience.

Our Investment Process & Philosophy

Talented Management

For Over 40 Years, we've created relationship that result in long-term value.

Intellectual Power

Dorisaf Ltd helps build world-class business by providing capital, as well as thougthful stratergic, operational, and financial guidance. We open doors and bring resources, ideas, and expertise to our management teams.

Long Term Ownership

Rather than beginning an investment with an exit stratergy, Dorisa Investments starts with a long-term business stratergy. We invest our own capital and create equity structures that align our interests with management interests. Dorisa Investments Ltd demontrates uncommon flexiblility as we work with our partners in the event of retirement, recapitalization, partial sale of shares , or a third party offer for the business.

Mutual Relationship

Day in and day out, our portfolio companies operate in an atmosphere of trust, respect and intergrity

Live Prosperously

What's in it for you?

  • Sustainability
  • You don’t miss out on the bull market gains and are defensively positioned come bear market times
  • You have one of the most experienced investment teams actively navigating the market for you
  • The evidence is in our top quartile investment performance – no matter the season